Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Mapped network drives in Windows 7 Registry

When we map a network drive persistently in windows 7 an entry relating to the drive is created under the following key in registry:


For each drive a key with the name as that of the drive letter is created. For example if you mapped a network drive with letter “W” the key will be “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Network\W”

The key will contain the following values


Value Name Type Description Default Value
Connection Type REG_DWORD What is the type of this connection.
If it is Drive redirection the value will be 1 and if it is Print redirection value will be 2
DeferFlags REG_DWORD Whether the drive need to be connected immediately on logon or not.
If the mapped drive’s credential is same as that of logged on user or the credentials have been saved the value will be 4.
If the username part of the credential is different and password not saved value will be 1.
ProviderName REG_SZ What type of network provider is used to connect to the network drive Microsoft Windows Network
ProviderType REG_DWORD What type of Provider is used.
For Microsoft LanMan Provider the value will be 0x002000. For other third party vendor provider different numbers will come
RemotePath REG_SZ UNC path of the share  
UserName REG_SZ The username used to connect to the share. If current user is used the value will be blank. (blank)

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